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You guys rock
Michael and Sara Thorsby, YOU ARE GREATLY LOVED!!!!!! Keep focusing on Papa Yah, He knows the way and what is around each corner.
You guys sound great! I'm really diggin the new "plugged" album! Keep it up!
Love what I've heard so far!!!
Still love your sound!!!
Love you guys and hope to spend some more time with you all again soon. By the way we are a baby friendly household.
One of the most talented couples I have ever met. You guys are so anointed, I've listened to this album hundreds of times and it's still one of my favorite.
Your voices allowed for a greater connection to prayer. If your interested in playing at Duke or UNC, my charity Music4Hope has monthly visits to the children there. Keep up the good work!
sounding good
Hi Mike and Sara! It's been so long since I've seen you all. Probably since my wedding in 2007! Glad to see you all are doing well and I love your music! Very inspirational!! Mike and I live in Durham, NC now but plan to move back to the Havelock/New Bern area soon! Keep doing what you're doing because it's awesome!! Much love to you both! and lots of luck!! Mike & Amanda Miller
Great site, Thorsby. I see you do some stuff with 6:22. I participated in a few of the 24 hour worship sessions a few years back in Greenville. I've been out of touch with the Greenville people (Jim Grant was my main contact) but wonder if they still do those.
Thanx---We're just sittin' around doing some computer work---praising God with you guys worshipping in the background...
congrats on the disc. I just got a copy. see you soon....
WOW!!!! I'm soooo proud of you guys!!!
Good to see you again, (Strike Zone) friday night. I like the site. I'm really liking the music. God bless you and Sarah.
hey how are you?? you know i really like your music the first time i hear you was in Antigua Guatemala, i work at CSA in the drawing area, and when i listen to your music was like woow!! thanks a lot for making me keep fighting and running to Jesus... i play the guitar at my church and you gave me so many new ideas, thanks a lot, hope we can get in contact some time, i really could use your help, keep blessing lifes like you blessed mine. God Bless. pd. sorry if i write something bad but im not perfect on my English, im still learning it.
Hey guys your cd is amazing! I know that God has big plans for your music. Thank you for being a voice for the Spirit. Take care of yourselves and may God continue to bless you and your families.
I think you have a awesome voice. I used to hear you sing when you were at Liberty. I wish you and Sara the best.
Hey guys you sound great im listening to you clips online and I just ordered your CD and I can't what to hear it. Congrats on the record label I know God will do some awesome and mighty things through both of you. God Bless Jeff and Josie
Mike, I am absolutely blown away! I enjoyed all the songs! You and your wife have such a wonderful relationship both with God and each other it comes through in your music! Much love & luck with the project!
You Guys are awesome! So inspiring! God Bless!
Thank you for sharing your heart of praise. I pray others will be blessed as they feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as I have.
YAY!!! This rocks! Can't wait to hear the whole cd!
great song "forever mine" you'll have to sing it at our 50th wedding annv. in 18yrs. i love you guys. aunt nanny
I am honored to know someone who has been given the special gift of music and is using it wisely! Proud of you!
AWESOME!!! Your praise touches the heart. Love you both...
keep up the great sounds. love it and love you both. god bless you always. aunt nanny in Texas.
I'm still pondering aimlessly about one of your songs. ;-) My favorite right now is still 'Send Me' because of it's intimate vib that ushers spiritual awakening. However, I am still hoping to find another favorite as more songs are released (yes, I can have more than one favorite :-) ).
Great stuff ....thank you for sharing your gift with us. kEEP IT COMING .....
keep up the great work. we love you and miss you aunt nanny in texas
Hey Mike and Sara, I love the song clips! I can't wait to hear the finished product! Great job guys! It sounds awesome!
Your website is amazing and your songs are unbelievable! Congratulations on such an awesome venture. We can't wait to watch your dreams unfold. God bless you both!
Awesome!!! For His Glory!
love the songs I have heard so far. Can't wait for the cd to come out
Totally lovin' this guys! I can't wait for the real thing to come out! I've forwarded this to my parents. Maybe I'll get you started in FL- I know my dad will pass it on :)
Yall sound great!! How exciting!!!
sounds great guys!
You guys are truly amazing and I'm glad you are using the talents God has given you.
'Set Free' is another slice of heaven's truth. Keep spitting out His truth and many will be set free!! Well done!!
SO PROUD OF U BROTHER!!!! Awesome can't wait to get my own copy......
Love it, absoultly Love IT. Can't wait til the CD is released. Good luck to you and Sarah! Love and Miss ya!
songs sound GREAT. keep up the work. God Bless You. love ya, Aunt Nanny from TEXAS
Hey man, you sound good! I'd love to come jam with you sometime! Drop me a message sometime. Peace!
Wow! The tidbits of the album that you have shared are incredible! The sounds are so pure and inspiring. God's Spirit is all over that album! Congratulations and thank you for being faithful servants! Love you both!
WOW! =) the music is awesome! you and Sarah ROCK!!!
mike I am so proud of you! You are truly using your talents to lead others to our loving heavenly Father! Wish you and Sarah all the blessings on your endevours! Keep on rockin!
Proud of you too. Keep up the good work for the Lord.
Hey Mike & Sarah... It's Kim all the way from TEXAS! Love your music... Wish you and Sarah the best of luck. God Bless!
You guys are awesome! lokk forward to getting your new album! Love you guys!
What an awesome website. Sara your a blessing in my life and I know you and your husband will touch the hearts of many through your ministry. God bless
so proud of you. Love you
Great song bro! God bless all you do and i pray that what your music touches someone and can connect them to God, it's why we do it!
i am so proud of you and sara, keep doing what your doing. god loves you and so do i. love ya, aunt nanny
May God breathe life into your beautiful words of worship. We are excited and pray His message reaches the hearts of MANY!!!
I sure am proud of my son and his wonderful wife. His relationship with yhe Lord is awesome. Luv ya
I like your website and can't wait to get our cd's!
Great site guys! I just put up a new one myself for heartbeat for worship
Soundin' good Mike. Thanks for sharing the site. Mooch