TJ's March 2017 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Family & Friends,

We are so grateful for you! :)

The branches of our 'tree' are staying active in spite of not having a fixed brick-and-mortar location. The majority of what Thorsby (band/ministry) has been doing in this season involves a little thing we like to call 'tenting', where we are literally releasing the sound into the atmosphere over our region. We're not doing this out of convenience or out of a desire to merely do something different. At both the Catapult (Oct) and Trenton (Jan) Burn 24-7 events, we heard stories of people who heard the sound from the tent and came over to see what was going on. In Trenton, someone was already in their bed when they heard the sound of worship coming from the tent. They got up out of bed, got dressed, and came to the tent... and encountered a mobile worship experience! We feel like this 'tenting' season is strategic in that the release of this sound wouldn't be possible if we were confined to the four walls of a church or neutral location. It may be cold, rainy, logistically challenging, etcetera... but we are physically 'taking it to the streets', shifting atmospheres, striking the ground with the sound of praise, breaking open old wells of revival, and discovering/remembering God's promises to our region! It's a great time to be alive... it's a great time to be in ENC... it's a great time to engage! 

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Sara Thorsby

Upcoming Events TJ's Branches Are Hosting, Attending or Participating In:
(6pm-8pm) Burn Community Group - Mondays @ The Hobbit House
Mar 24th - (5pm-1am) Burn New Bern @ MX Tent - (Kirkman Farm, NC)
Apr 16th - Mission Xtreme Tent @ Cove City, NC
Apr 28th - No 4th Fri Burn - Many are attending the Outcry Tour (Raleigh, NC)
May 4-7th - Ignite Greenville with Ignite MinistriesBurn Greenville (NC)
May 26th - No 4th Fri Burn - Put all resources towards Ignite Greenville
May 26th - Michael & Sara Thorsby (Burn Directors) 10yr Anniversary
Jun 23rd - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)
Jul 28th - No 4th Fri Burn - Global Summit!!!
Jul 27-29th - Burn 24-7 Global Burn Summit (Leaders) @ Life Church (Washington, PA)
Aug 25th - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)
Sept 1-3rd - Regional Burn Summit (Leaders) @ The Refuge
Sept 22nd - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)
Oct 6-9 - Awaken The Dawn - 50 Tent City @ National Mall (DC)
Oct 27th - No 4th Fri Burn - Joining forces with The Drop
Oct 26-28th - The Drop/Presence Pioneers (Raleigh, NC)
Nov 24th - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)
Dec 22nd - (7pm-7am) Burn New Bern (TBD)

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