TJ's July 2016 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Family & Friends,

Sometimes it seems like a scavenger hunt but we keep finding artistic treasures in the form of people that have been coming out of the woodworks lately. Our community is filled with talent and sometimes they just need a place to express it, cultivate it and have an ambiance that encourages it! As a musical artist myself, I've played in the bars, the churches and a lot of randomness in between. Sometimes it's nice to just have a family-friendly place to express the talents God has blessed us with without any unnecessary pressure to cater to a specific crowd and stay true to originality! Some of you reading this are shaking your head (up and down) because you get it. Some of you are shaking your head (left and right) because your preferences are quite strong and a "middle ground" seems out of your comfort zone. It's ok! Everyone has their calling and for this season, this is what we feel called to facilitate as we love building commUNITY!

Here are a few updates on our branches:
TJ's Cafe (Facebook): We're getting sporadic traffic coming through and we're slowly rolling out more signage and advertising as we feel more comfortable hosting the masses... or at least anticipating the masses! We're offering freshly ground French Press Guatemalan coffee, freshly steeped loose leaf teas along with other misc snacks and drinks. We're not a typical coffee shop and our processes take a bit longer to offer a quality product. We would love to sell lots of stuff so we can pay the bills but our focus is offering a place where people feel comfortable just hanging out and building community! Come visit us!!!

TJ's CAVE (Facebook): We've had a fairly steady schedule of musical artists coming through and we hope to keep the momentum going. We are pleased to offer many of our gigs with no cover charge as a blessing to our community. Some nights we purposefully leave the schedule open to just have a place to hang out... plus it's usually costly to us to host various bands so we have to spread out the expenses. We're slowly upgrading the venue as finances allow and could really use some SPONSORS to help support the vision! If you (or your business) become a sponsor, buy a few cups of coffee, donate or buy other merch, it helps us grow one step closer to building and sustaining a family-friendly location for commUNITY! If you're interested in booking your band or event with us, let us know.

TJ's Store (Facebook): We're slowly building an inventory of unique items that are made with artistic skills from local artisans. We currently have various paintings, jewelry art (upcycled guitar string bracelets, earings...), coffee koozies, local musician CDs, T-shirts...etc.
Thorsby Band/Ministry (Facebook): We've been hosting Monday night community group meetings in our home and serving our community through the many branches of TJ's. We're still traveling quite a bit and we'll eventually get back in the studio to release a new album once finances allow. Donations welcome!
Burn New Bern (Facebook): We have officially shifted from regularly meeting at TJ's CAVE in Havelock, NC and will be on the road again for a season. We'll be traveling to a Burn 24-7 Global Summit in July (VA), a Regional Summit in Sept (Falcon, NC), some tent meetings in areas surrounding New Bern and wherever else the Lord sends us in this season! Add your email on the Burn website to get on our monthly newsletters list for more details.
Craven24Seven (Facebook): We have made a Prayer Room available at TJ's Cafe from 6am-9am Mon-Sat so our community in eastern Craven County has a place to go if desired. Scott Murphy with Mission Xtreme will have a tent set up in various areas in western Craven County for this next season open for many hours daily. There are also other individual ministries offering various extended corporate prayer sessions. We're encouraging them to sign up on C247 so we not only know that those times are being covered but also to advertise public sessions so others can join in. We need YOU to participate with us to fulfill the vision of covering Eastern NC in 24-7 prayer! Would you be willing to sign up for a one hour time slot? Daily? Weekly? Monthly??? We'll take what we can get.

We are in the process of raising support to sustain the branches of TJ's. If you feel led to sow prayerfully, financially, voluntarily or whatever else you can think of, please let us know. We welcome, encourage and appreciate your support!
"I can't give an offering from that which costs me nothing."
Michael Thorsby

Upcoming TJ's Family Events:
Every Mon-Sat - TJ's Cafe (6am-9am) - open to the public
Every Fri & Sat - TJ's CAVE (6pm-9pm) - open to the public
(Any applicable tickets/details are noted in events on Facebook)
Jul 2nd - DJ MOTUS (70's Dance Party) @ TJ's CAVE (6pm-9pm)
Jul 16th - Altared (Christian Rap) - @ TJ's CAVE (7pm) - doors open at 6pm
Jul 22nd - The Raynor Brothers (Jazz) - @ TJ's CAVE (7pm) - doors open at 6pm
Jul 23rd - Creative Arts Expo & Open Mic Night @ TJ's CAVE (6pm-9pm)
Aug 13th - (Pending) Tiffany Elaine (Pop) - @ TJ's CAVE (7pm) - doors open at 6pm
Aug 19th - Namon Mason (Folktronica) - @ TJ's CAVE (7pm) - doors open at 6pm
Aug 20th - Creative Arts Expo & Open Mic Night @ TJ's CAVE (6pm-9pm)
Aug 26th - Burn New Bern (Worship) @ Off-Site Venue TBD (7pm-7am)

Additional events added often! Stay tuned on TJ's Facebook & Calendar!

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