TJ's April 2016 Newsletter

Hello TJ's Family & Friends,

I've been doing a lot of travel lately and often notice how much culture has an impact on creativity. What creative expressions do you have stirring that are ready to be released? TJ's has a passion for a broad range of arts and we love to hear stories behind the artistic talents. I'm sure you have a story...
The branches of TJ's have been releasing expressions of their own lately:
TJ's CAVE (Facebook): We've had a slow start but we're not strangers to humble beginnings! We've had the privilege of hosting Burn New Bern since July of 2015. We're hosting quarterly Creative Arts Expos. We're hosting Friday & Saturday night community time to just chill with whoever shows up while listening to some jams! We are booking bands/events as they come along. We're currently looking for solo artists and bands to lock in some gigs for your entertainment purposes. We're also looking for SPONSORS to help cover the costs involved with operating a venue!
Thorsby Band/Ministry (Facebook): I just returned from an amazing journey in Los Angeles, CA as part of an Azusa mission that involved thousands of people from across the globe. We had AzusaFest tent meetings on the Azusa Street Mission site for days before and after the AzusaNow gathering in the Los Angeles Coliseum. We spent a lot of time doing street ministry and fed a plethora of homeless people from the Skid Row area. There were so many salvations, healings and miraculous testimonies that I'm still processing what all happened. We had a large group of leaders representing the Carolinas as the East Coast and West Coast collided for this beautiful tapestry of outpouring. The Lord has been strategically mobilizing Sara and I in this season and we're just trying to hold on for the ride! We recently did an acoustic gig at TJ's CAVE to dust off some of our old jams and begin releasing some of our new jams. We'll have a few more gigs over the next few months for you to jump in on. When the finances allow, we'll be ready to go back in the studio to release new sounds of the season!
Burn New Bern (Facebook): It is such a blessing and privilege to have a local Burn expression as part of the Burn 24-7 global tribe. As we hear testimonies of what is going on all over the world in other Burn communities, we quickly recognize the similarities in our DNA as we passionately pursue the presence of God. We may operate with different expressions that fit our cultural atmosphere, but the passion behind what we do is fueled by the same fire of God that is stirring in each of us! There is power in praise! Some of those same differing expressions are often localized as well within our communities and we love it when we can dwell together in unity as we share in our uniqueness. Psalm 133!
Craven24Seven (Facebook): We're getting intermittent participation with C247 but I'm filled with hope every time another hour of prayer watch is covered. That means we are one hour closer to 24/7 coverage in our area. Would you be willing to make the commitment to pray for one hour per day, per week or per month and sign up on our calendar to let us know? It only takes a spark...
We felt led to launch 40 Days of Corporate Prayer & Fasting and we would love for YOU to participate on some level as the Lord leads. We'll have a Prayer Room open at TJ's CAVE from 6am-6pm every day from April 18th-May 27th. Feel free to drop in at the Prayer Room whenever you feel led and spend some time soaking in His presence. There's just something about getting away from the crowds, getting away from the distractions and just spending quality time with the Lord. We'll see you there... 

We are in the process of raising support to sustain the branches of TJ's. If you feel led to sow prayerfully, financially, voluntarily or whatever else you can think of that ends in "ly", please let us know. We welcome, encourage and appreciate your support!
"We walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7
Michael Thorsby

Upcoming TJ's Family Events:
Every Fri & Sat - commUNITY @ TJ's CAVE (6-9pm) FREE - open to the public
Apr 18th-May 28th - 40 Days of Corporate Prayer & Fasting @ TJ's CAVE
Apr 18th - preBurn @ The Hobbit House (6-8pm)
Apr 22nd - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE
May 7th - Creative Arts Expo @ TJ's CAVE (10am-2pm)
May 14th - Thorsby @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
May 16th - preBurn @ The Hobbit House (6-8pm)
May 27th - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE
Jun 11th - Thorsby @ TJ's CAVE (7pm)
Jun 20th - preBurn @ The Hobbit House (6-8pm)
Jun 24th - commUNITY(6-7pm)/Burn New Bern (7pm-7am) @ TJ's CAVE

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