This weekend I finally got my first official Pro Disc Golf Association (PDGA) first place finish in the Intermediate Division at Northeast Creek Fall Classic Tournament.  If you don’t know what disc golf is (not frisbee golf)… go to and you can learn all about it.  Now that you have been sidetracked… let’s continue this story!

I have been playing disc golf since 1997 and I thought it was just a goofy looking hippy sport.  My friends talked me into going and I’ve been hooked since.  I don’t play as much as I would like but I love the opportunities I get to hang out with a unique blend of players and enjoy the natural scenery that God has blessed us with.  I usually don’t tell people how long I’ve played because they expect you to be pretty good when you’ve been playing for double digit years.  Like I said, I don’t play that often so my skills reflect the lack of experience.  Some of the new players we have mentored have played more in a year than I’ve played in ten years combined.  Good for them… they will exceed expectations!

I have always been a very competitive guy but I have learned through many years of sports and leadership positions to have a good attitude whether you win or lose.  Sportsmanship is an important character trait that will define who you are when you walk off the field, court, rink, course…etc.  Over the years I have won a lot of games, championships, trophies, races and so on… but I have lost quite a few as well.  I’ve tried my best to learn from my mistakes when I lose and take those opportunities to grow so that I can win at some point!  I learned a lot about sportsmanship and have watched other players that “take it like a man” when they lose and those that act like babies, complain, thrown tantrums and even sometimes quit.  We all get frustrated when we lose (especially if we’re competitive) but the person you are after the loss will determine the character associated with you for much longer than the memories of that particular event.

Are you giving people a reason to want you on their team?  Do you have a good attitude?  Are you putting in the practice time to be your personal best so the team can be that much better as a whole?  Are you slacking but still expecting good results?  Are you honoring God?  Do your gestures, actions and language reflect good sportsmanship?  It feels good to win sometimes.  There should be a certain level of humbleness but it’s alright to celebrate as well.  I’m sure you’ve earned it.  More importantly we can’t be sore losers.  It’s alright to have a little smack-talking amongst friends but don’t get too carried away and try to be an encourager in the midst of it.  Your example might just lead to someone else’s success!  And remember… it’s not about you but what God can do through you!


P.S. Just to clarify... the group of guys I played with during the mentioned tournament had great attitudes and were a blast to compete with... even when they were losing!

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