“PASTORS & POLITICIANS” (REWIND)…originally posted July 25, 2011

This could get a bit touchy…

We all know you’re not supposed to mix politics and religion unless you want to see a brawl in your local bar, grocery store, or community park.  I can’t help but notice some similarities that interest me.  Disclaimer:  This is generally speaking and exceptions do apply!

Pastors and politicians both have a desire for common good and often stray from their good intentions when reality sets in or they have to lead by example.  This is where the rubber meets the road and people rightfully expect both to “practice what they preach”.  Some stick to their guns (convictions) no matter what the cost but many others fall under the pressure that society quickly throws at them from various directions.  It’s tough to be in the spotlight but positions of leadership do come at a cost.  Regardless of the titles attached to certain names it takes anointing, education and extremely strong people to be effective leaders in both the church and the government.

-Pastors don’t want to get “too deep” into the Word or relationship with God publicly because they don’t want to scare off the fringe people that cushion the numbers and offering…even if it’s what’s best for the people (unless they’ve just never experienced depth themselves and have no clue what that means).

-Politicians don’t want to cut “too deep” on public votes because their name will be attached to that legislation and will affect the polls and campaign support…even if it’s what’s best for the people.

-Pastors and politicians often extend their verbal resume of the things they are doing right but fail to expose the things they are doing wrong because they don’t want to seem unfit for the position.

-Pastors and politicians sometimes only qualify for portions of their titles and fail to utilize the talents of qualified people around them to subsidize their shortcomings.  Examples:

Some pastors are great preachers but are not good pastors or church business managers.

Some politicians are great speakers but have limited ability to execute the verbal promises.

Some pastors are great at specific ministry but have no experience in ministry foreign to them.

Some politicians are great business managers but have no experience in foreign policy.

Some pastors are great “pastors” by definition but shouldn’t be behind the pulpit publicly for any reason.  (Most true pastors don’t have the title “pastor” or a paycheck for that matter.  Many of those titles are handed out for tax reasons…but there are many that have the title and paycheck and deserve every penny and more)

Some politicians are excellent desk jockeys but have no public debate skills and often get unfairly judged during campaign time.

The list goes on and on.  Some of these could be explained further but I’m running out of ink… oh wait I’m typing this.  Someone might print it!  This isn’t intended to put anyone down but it’s just a few observations that I’ve noticed over the years that remind me that people and positions are more alike than we realize.  The main point I would take from this is that we all sometimes think a bit too highly of ourselves or our titles but need to realize that the people we surround ourselves with can be the pillars that hold us up when we fall short.  Just as one body has many parts, each person is limited in their abilities without the skills of those around us.  Don’t be afraid to release those people that you have authority over and learn to work as a team to capitalize the gifts you’ve been given.

Many pastors and politicians are great people with great intentions and are highly skilled at what they’ve been called to do.  There are always some that cause the titles to have asterisks beside them because the legitimacy has been compromised.  Whatever your title is, do your best to live up to the name and do your part to make this country great!  Don’t forget to give God the praise in everything you do!


I think in the Kingdom and in our country, there are some great things going on; however, I think in the grand scheme of things we're worse off than we realize or would care to admit. Obviously things didn't get this way overnight and aren't going to change overnight. I think it's really important that we pray for those in leadership - whether they're leading our country or our local body of believers - that God would put the right leader in place, that He would strengthen that leader, and that He would give that leader wisdom. AND, pray that our leaders would be humble enough to realize their humanity & shortcomings and would be wise enough to surround themselves with a good support system, & would be trusting enough to release some of their responsibility to those within their support system (their 'knights of the round table').

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