If you haven’t heard the song “Call Me Maybe”, you’re not missing much.  This song is quite catchy but it drives me absolutely crazy…and sometimes I even catch myself singing along.  The song is basically about trying to get someone to call you that you barely even know.  It goes beyond that but let’s just keep it simple.

There is a lyric that says, “I just met you, and this is crazy… but here’s my number, call me maybe”.  I know you’re singing it aren’t you?!?!  When you’re talking about love (or lust), you’re willing to do bold things such as giving your number to someone you just met.  Sometimes I feel like God is like that with us because He is so in love with us that He desires to have a relationship.  Not in a creepy way but in a Fatherly love kind of a way.  He’ll tug on our heart strings and let us know He’s there but won’t be pushy and lets us make the choice.  He’s given us life, He’s given us breath, everything we have is His anyways but He still seeks to have a relationship with us.  It’s as if He’s given us His number and saying, “Call me maybe”.  He doesn’t force His love on us.  He just puts it out there and gives us an opportunity to come to Him when we are ready.  Have you called Him?  The prayer line is always open!

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